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Oene van Geel wins VPRO Boy Edgar Award

We're delighted to hear that Oene van Geel – who was a participant on Take Five Europe Edition I - has been awarded the VPRO Boy Edgar Award for 2013.

Press Release

The VPRO Boy Edgar Award, the most important prize in the Netherlands for jazz and improvised music, has been awarded to alto violinist and composer Oene van Geel (1973). As part of the prize, Van Geel will compile a special concert night at the Bimhuis on June 9, 2013. During that occasion he will be presented with the prize, consisting of a sum of €12,500 and a sculpture made by Jan Wolkers.

Alto violinist/composer Oene van Geel (1973) is musical adventurer. Influenced by jazz, Indian music, chamber music and free improvisation, he applies his virtuoso improvisational qualities and talent for composing to a wide range of musical activities. He has toured Europe, India, Japan, the United States and Canada. As a musician he is currently working on Zapp 4, Estafest, The Nordanians and his new multi-media project OOOO. Besides playing with these formations, he is regularly invited as an improvising jazz soloist.


According to the jury, van Geel is a distinguishing artist because of his superior sense of swing, outstanding ability to improvise, sound knowledge of jazz history and a permanent curiosity for other musical genres, that makes him exemplary in a very untypical way at the cross-over scene.

About the award

The VPRO Boy Edgar Award is awarded each year to an artist that has been distinguishing for quite some time because of his significant contribution, creatively, to the buoyancy of Dutch jazz and improvised music. The Boy Edgar Award Foundation has been founded at the end of last year, when Music Center The Netherlands was closed down, in order to conserve the prize and its future. The organisers of the award ceremony and the concert night are the Boy Edgar Award Foundation, together with the Bimhuis.

For more information on the prize, an overview of earlier prize winners, the complete jury report, a biography of Oene van Geel and photo material, visit the website

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