Take Five Europe Edition II by Emile Holba

What is Take Five: Europe?

Take Five: Europe is an exclusive programme for innovative composers, instrumentalists, conductors and vocalists embarking on significant international careers. Participants will have the chance to take ‘time out’ from their work to expand their professional networks and gain greater awareness of musical opportunities across Europe.

Serious first developed the UK version of the Take Five scheme in 2004. Take Five: Europe builds on this success and consists of two musicians per country per year – from France, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland and the UK – who were selected from forty shortlisted artists. (For more information on Take Five, click here)

Each artist will benefit from inspiring one-to-one sessions to identify their needs and particular areas of interest. Additionally, during a motivating week-long residency at Commonwork, the musicians will come together to explore recording, publishing, funding and communication strategies, as well as having the opportunity to work together creatively and compose new work.

Collaborations between participating artists will be encouraged and there will be exciting opportunities to perform at high profile festivals and venues across Europe, including Jazz sous les Pommiers, Banlieues Bleues and La Dynamo in France; North Sea Jazz Festival in the Netherlands; Molde Jazz Festival in Norway; Jazztopad in Poland and London Jazz Festival in the UK.

A panel of industry experts participated in the selection process, considering the following for each candidate: creativity, future potential on the European jazz scene, style of music, range of influences, geography, cultural background and distinctive contribution to the European community. The panel included representatives from each of the partner organisations.

The insights provided by Take Five: Europe will be invaluable at a crucial stage in the musicians’ careers. In recognition of this, the programme will be documented in words and images and the website will be updated frequently. Come back here regularly for the latest news and pictures.

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